yorozuya lifestyle#1 – love, pain and comedy.


Everyday I eat sweets. Yeah. Typically those that can be bought for 1 pesos, produced and manufactured by our local candy makers located in somewhere in Metro Manila. It helps me to stimulate my self-control and my mortal body. As the same time it makes me calm, stress-free and lowers my anger issues (If ever I do have. This is a self-diagnosis.)

There is always a time where I check my books in my two small shelves in our small house. I have this masochistic habits that I am pleasured to be frustrated if I can’t read the book I skimmed because of appointments, academic requirements or to the reason I still have a book to finish. I even tend to doubt myself, if I do understand what the book’s essence. and this will lead me lie down in our 60 year mini couch. Look up in the wooden ceiling with a space before the roof itself. this space are inhabited by rats. you can hear them running around if you’re in our turf.

I always check my phone. Of course. In our everyday life on post-consumerist/capitalist society, you can’t live without a phone (especially without a data to browse Facebook). But in my case, my love one loves me so much that she texts me everyday. The feeling is fucking mutual. I love her a lot. Maybe we are the only couple in the world that still depends on prepaid load balances to communicate with each other in the universe of LTE. can’t live without her.

And of course, in a week i spend time on watching adult cartoons, well not the XXX ones though. I am talking about Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers. Those two are my fucking favorite. Generally, I enjoy comedy. I am a fan of Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean, Workaholics and some Filipino comedy movies. I can see depression to the eyes of humor. And it is beautiful. To think of it maybe, life is a joke and humanity is its clowns.




I’m a certified noob to this blog shit. Mainly I write stuffs at facebook. Well, certainly I want other audiences to see, read or even despise my writing, reviews or reflections. Free to judge. Who am I to judge? Besides we are all damned in this spectacle and multinational capitalism. Everything regarding what is happening in our world to the things what I want to do will be here… Not!

Anyways, good night.