Suicide and Philosophy: A post-tribute to Mark Fisher (1968 – 2017)

Its been a long time when I’ve spammed here. This website is basically my everyday diary or should I say for my nonsensical rants which rooted from my bastardized life.

I mean, happiness today is like turning into a diamond. You need to be molded with minerals, exposed to certain amount of heat for million years to be produced. Well, this moment I am contemplating about my life’s dependence on critical theories and such.

Suicide and philosophy. Are these two kindred? Maybe.

Remember Mark Fisher aka k-punk recently died. And it was one of the most tragic moments to philosophy-fans and his followers. It was a huge loss to the anti-capitalist groups that share the same thoughts as k-punk has to offer.

His death is similar to Guy Debord, the connoisseur of the Situationist International who happened to be the leading personalities in the historical May 1968 movement in France. depression and hopelessness. Debord died same as what Mark Fisher did. Suicide.

Again, are suicide and philosophy share the same manner of defining life?

One cannot tell.

The works of Debord and k-punk must be read by this generation.

I don’t want to be preachy. These persons took their lives for battling the modern capitalist humanoids and capitalism itself.

Not all warriors carry arms. And of course they’re more than heroes I can say. They are now one with the millions and millions of revolutionaries that envisaged a better world for the generation that doesn’t want to agree.

you can still access k-punk’s archival blogs here:



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