[p o s t m o r t e m #1]: an update from yesterday’s hypocritical journey



In the end we people who strive and do some bullshit adaptation to the system always fail. It always ostracize our privileges and mask them with show business. Debord was right. The spectacle has evolved. Bigger, badder and more panoramic than ever.

I think, I am being watched. Well, we all do.

To get to the right track of this rant, yes, I didn’t get what my mom needed. We’re screwed from the very last drop of sweat, who traveled miles from my home to a place which is confusing with two names according to the community.

Buendia o Gil Puyat? Bullshit.

I have arrived to the place where we could have “hope” according to the esoteric government fuckheads. There is a line of people. Some shared stories with other dependents to this vice president. But in the end, another lonely story is added to their book of despair. I’m not the only one. When the guards told us that we should wait next month, some have wept. Imagine. it’s already hard for me, who’s based in Manila. How about them who traveled really from a far? I know i’m redundant. This is a fucking rant. No one can bowdlerize my words.

This is not the end but, I’m really fed up…



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