Tomorrow’s Hypocritical Journey: Seeking help from the System

I have scheduled myself for tomorrow’s errand which will going to the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines.

Hoping that they will grant us some financial and medical assistance for my mother’s dialysis sessions and for the fate of her disease. It is hard. So hard. The problem is my tears have washed. No more wet supplies in my eyes. The last time I cried was years ago. It was my father’s death. I did not cry because of him though. I cried for myself. It is a justification that from then I am now the breadwinner.

Years later, my mom was diagnosed with lupus. Eventually because she was stubborn in nature, she didn’t follow our advice: to stay out of stress. As expected her creatinine levels went high and the doctors have already recommended her to undergo dialysis sessions. See. It is already proven stress is the number one killer of human species. You can look it up to google if you want to.

Now you know how I got this “task” to go inside the system. The system I hated. The system I despise. The system that caused my father’s death and my mom’s disease. If opportunity is just as fair as they said, then there wouldn’t be casualties around the corners and weepers on the side of the cliff. There wouldn’t be wars. There wouldn’t be bad things. The problem is, the system is bad, but it wants us to be good. I’m good though….. good to be its worst enemy.



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