undesirable machine

this time and for the future, i am experiencing my life as a proletariat or petty-bourgeoisie with a job. people lives inside of machines. simulating my empirical ideas, i start to contemplate about death and this abyss of demons with fire. i am not afraid though. we are already experiencing it. this world of humans is tumultuous as fuck. can’t tell if somebody is telling you the truth or he or she is just screwing you up to the bone. anyways, this is just the beginning they say. and beginnings are unforgettable. they are difficult to erase. unlike endings, it molds your unconscious and definitely will hit your enjoyment until you define yourself as that moment. too much drama I say. we can relate this tumblr-ish aphorism to the conditions of those who are still belligerent, failures and revolutionaries.

if you can’t finish the progress, then welcome to hell.



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