para-dogma 50:50

I haven’t composed anything productive this year. I’m on the midst of conditioning my individuality inside of a culture-industry oriented agency. Yes it is a government-run agency. My principles are on the line. Left and right nonsensical BS are flowing the flux on our office. It is scrutinizing. I can feel hypocrisy flowing in my veins. At the same time a masochistic tendency is controlling my brain to comfort myself and to tend to be ok. In reality, I am in the opposite side of the mirror. I want to smash it with full blast until I bleed my fists, and shred it to the bone. Hahaha. Maybe I’m becoming one of the “bodies without organs” as Deleuze and Guattari pertain. Shit. I don’t know. What to do? What to do? Its ok to be a schizo. It is the revolutionary man that will get my desire. Desire to have a fucking revolution. Maybe or not maybe. Hence its time to put this body to the test. Since I am already expose to this social machinery linked to the Oedipus.


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