synopsis of everyday life

dear you,

you wish to have this successful life in order to survive this chaotic world of unhappiness is disintegrating into pieces one by one is now feeling the effect of overworking and numbness. succumbed under the volatile thinking and aphorisms from various Marxists who are now underneath the ground, which is technically, the soil used to plant and plow by the farmers who are shot for no bearable reasons. blood and sweat are dripping from me. me whose already confused and in midst of being a pseudo-acumen of everyday life. me who is beyond the imagery of a madman or an ubermensch by both known philosophers who are, in the end, are lifeless forms of society, used by the capitalist academicians to perpetrate the revolution of the great workers that are more in depth with pain than I.

this is just the fucked up beginning. that’s it.




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